I have always admired knives and penknives as the tools they are, I have been a collector and before that a user. In 2008 I discovered the forum armas blancas de España and the Argentinian forum where I started to feel more and more attracted to the world of craftsmanship, I studied craftsmen from all over the world and all kinds of typologies.

Later, thanks to other craftsmen, I focused on the study of the different steels and their behaviour, qualities, qualities in all of them similar and so different depending on the way they are worked. The differences in their formulations and heat treatments make them function according to the work they are intended for.

From this moment on and with my homework done, in 2010 I began to take my first steps with more mistakes than successes, which forced me to seek the help of experts. Thanks to this I go back to the beginning and start again with everything I learnt from them and advance step by step in each piece that comes out of my hands. I use stainless and carbon steels, 1095, 80crV2, C70, S1 stainless steel n690, aeb-l, 154cm and the so-called semi stainless steel such as D2, a8mod, my own designs and others inspired by other great masters whose works always leave their mark on your retina giving way to projects in which certain trends can be seen.