Adrian and Fernando, the Wayward Cutlery Team

Our first steps in the world of cutlery began at a very early age, already with a family background, having grown up in a barbershop and among a collection of knives and razors, sharing experiences, discovering and growing our interest in blades.

After seeing the world of cutting tools up close and with the creative personality that has united us since we were children, we realised the personal potential we could have when it came to creating one and, with the risks involved, we set to work.

That was the beginning of Wayward Cutlery and we had not yet realised it, a simple step into the world of steels, of which we were not aware of what it could become.

So we created the first knife in 2015, which made us realise that we needed to learn and inform ourselves a lot about this craft. It was nothing more than a simple piece of steel in the shape of a knife, but that was enough to motivate us, to learn from our first prototype and to be able to perfect the next one, and so on to this day (with more knives stuck in a log than you could count on one hand).

Today, Wayward Cutlery is the disconnection of two young Valencian artisans, who design, produce, manufacture and distribute their own knives without intermediaries. Our own personalised design, 100% handmade and unique, is our way of expressing our art and our emotions.

We currently work with 80CrV2 steel with a hardness of 61HRC, and for the handles we have different types of Micarta, G10, carbon fibre and some natural materials such as wood or deer horn among others. Our style of knives is somewhat varied, offering models more suitable for EDC, others for Bushcraft, Hunting, Tactical and many more styles.

If there is one thing that characterises Wayward Cutlery, it is the attention to detail and the meticulous elaboration of each and every process. Dedicating constancy, discipline and will to each and every one of our jobs.

We make blades for taste and pleasure, so we enjoy each one, getting the idea that it has its own soul that makes it so special and unique, transmitting that character to those who wield it and feel that they have something unique and special.



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